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Copa Mallorca is an official tournament classified as semi-elite, registered in the FFIB (Balearic Football Federation), RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) and organized by NADRI Sports Events.
We welcome you all, wishing you the best luck for this event, as well as a future full of sporting successes.


01. Participants
02. Special permissions
03. Documentation and registration players
04. Players and dorsal
05. Technical staff and technical arena
06. Control of age and players
07. Equipement
08. Proceedings
09. Playing field and ball
10. Substitutions
11. Initiation and end of meetings
12. Insurance and injuries
13. Duration of meeting
14. Discount
15. Sanctions or expulsions
16. Competition system
17. Classifiction criteria
18. Referees
19. Claims
20. Competition Committee   
21. Best player, goalkeeper and coach
22. Trophies
23. Opening ceremony
24. Responsibilities
25. Regulatory interpretation

1. Participants

Teams belonging to federated football clubs, legally constituted soccer schools and participating schools in the school leagues of their country may participate.
The age of the participants is reserved for the categories:


U16 maximum 16 years
U15 maximum 15 years
U14 maximum 14 years
U13 maximum 13 years
U12 maximum 12 years
U11 maximum 11 years
U10 maximum 10 years
U09 maximum 9 years
U08 maximum 8 years

2. Special permissions.

In the U9, U11 and U13 categories, players with a year greater than their category are allowed to participate in the field. In U11, U13, U15 up to 2 players.

3. Documentation and registration of players.

Before the start of the tournament, each team must register the players' relationship in the official record of copamallorca.org. All participating teams must accredit their players by means of a federal or DNI card, and they must also bring them in all the matches in case there is any irregularity, injury or other.
If any team lines up a player who does not meet the requirements set by the regulation, the team will lose the match by 3 to 0.

4. Players and dorsal.

Each team can count on all the players they think necessary during the tournament, there is no limit of players per team.  Only players who have been assigned in the team's relationship to the organization may participate before starting the tournament.
The team may enter in the match minutes up to a maximum of 18 players in U19, U16, U14 and U13; maximum 15 players in U12, U11, U10, U07 and U08
Each player must play with the same number throughout the tournament, unless the organization authorizes it.
It is allowed to test players from other teams, with prior notice to the organization providing two documents:
1. Club authorization from
2. Federative card or ID, passport, family book.
Players who are not federated must prove their age with an official document (ID or passport, family book).
In case of undue alignment by any team, the opposing team will be given as a winner by three to zero and three points will be deducted from the team in the classification.

 5. Technical staff and technical area.

Each team may have a maximum of 4 members of the coaching staff who must be registered in the official tournament record and carry the corresponding accreditation. During the match you can only direct the coach to the team. The delegate will be responsible for the substitutions and will make the changes with the authorization of the table judge.
If a player needs assistance due to injury or indisposition, only the delegate or the health assistant can access the field.

6. Age control.

Before the start of the first match of the previous phase, the team delegate and the players must pass through documentation control with the federation cards or DNI or passport. Once the control is over, the players will be given some wristbands to be able to play the matches. They must wear it and show it to the table judge before the start of the game. The player who is expelled will have the wristband removed. Once the sanction is finished, a new one will be given.

7. Equipement.

During the matches the teams must play with the listed and official teams representing their respective clubs. Each team must have at least two kits of different colors. In case of coincidence in the color of the baggage with another rival team in the same match, it will be decided by local team or by mutual agreement between the two teams.
They must carry their bottle holders with their official bottle of the club. It will be strictly forbidden to bring water bottles to the field.
The player to move around the venue must wear the tracksuit or official clothing of their respective club.

8. Proceedings.

The numbers of the numbers of the shirts must coincide with the minutes of the match. The delegates of the teams must provide the people of the organization with the players' relationship with the corresponding numbers, half an hour before the start of the match. It will be compulsory to know before the start of the game the participation of players and coaches who will be registered in the act and thus be able to sit on the bench.
Likewise, it will be compulsory to check the result and the cards with the referee and the table judge once the game has ended in the minutes.

9. Playing field and ball.

The qualifying matches will be played on artificial turf field and the finals with natural grass field.
U16, U15,U14, and U13 will play in football format 11 and the ball will be nº5.
U12, U11,U10, U09 and U08 will play in the 8 football format and the ball will be No. 4.

10. Substitutions.

Substitutions will be made without the need for the game to be stopped.
There will be no limit for substitutions and it is mandatory to make all substitutions during the group stage for the Sub-12, Sub-11, Sub-10, Sub-8 categories. The substitutes may return to the field of play without further requirement with the authorization of the table judge who will act in each meeting. With the exception of the U-19 and U-16 categories, which can not be reintroduced in the field.
The player who is going to be substituted must first leave the field of play by the center of the field in the band where the table judge will be located. Then the corresponding player can enter the field.
At the discretion of the referee, the infraction of this rule could entail a warning for the player who enters the field of play. The players that have been expelled definitively nor the injured ones can not be substituted.

11. Initiation and end of meetings.

15 minutes before the match starts, teams must be prepared to start the game on time.
5 minutes before the start of each game, the two teams must be placed at the access to the field to exit parading next to the referee.
If this were not the case, after 10 minutes of the time of the start of the game and the organization understood that there is no justified cause such an absence, the match will be given as lost to the offending team by 3 to 0.
The match is a run time and the table judge will whistle the end of the match regardless of where the ball is, except in cases where the referee pits at that time a direct foul or penalty kick that must be thrown and then be given by finished the game. In categories Sub-8, 10, 11 and 12.
In the Sub-13, 14, 16 and 19 categories the referee will be the one who calls the end of the match.

12. Insurance and injuries.

All teams are required to have their players insured. The players who have a territorial federation record registered in the Real Federación Española de Fútbol will be covered by the insurance of the federation with the respective authorization of the same.
If the player does not have a federal card, he must have and carry with him the Social Security card or the card that proves that he is covered by a private mutual.
The coverage of the player's sports injury will only be effective exclusively if it occurs on the field of play following a sports accident. The organization is not responsible for any type of injury or illness that does not come from a sports accident during their participation in the field.

13. Duration of meetings.

U16: 2 x 20 '
U14: 2 x 17 '
U13: 2 x 17 '
U12: 2 x 15 '
U11: 2 x 15 '
U10: 2 x 15 '

U08: 2 x 15'

The duration of the matches is the same throughout the competition. You can not ask for downtime.
Duration of breaks
1 min. All breaks will be made on the pitch.

14. Discount.


At the discretion of the referee if the game has been stopped due to a serious injury or other circumstances, the time lost will be deducted, indicating to the table judge the time to be discounted. May be the extension to a maximum of 3 minutes.

To realize the continuity of the discount. A neutral pot will be made from where the final score of the game was called, except if there has been a goal or shot on goal, he will take out the team that touches him.


15. Sanctions or expulsions.

A player sent off with a red card means a match penalty.
A player sent off with a double yellow card does not suppose a match penalty.
In the event that the referee reflects an unsportsmanlike event by a player or coaching staff, the competition committee will resolve and communicate the sanction corresponding to the seriousness of the events. Subsequently, a report of the events will be sent to the sanctions committee of the corresponding territorial federation.

16. Competition system.

The tournament will be held in two phases: Group phase and final
Group stage
The single-round system is played, the participating teams will be divided into groups of 4 to 6 teams.
Score of the group stage matches:
Won match: 3 points.
Match tied: 1 point.
Lost match: 0 points.
Final phase
The best 8 teams will be classified according to their classification in the league of the group stage. The matches will be governed by the eliminatory system. It will play quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

17. Classification criteria.

In the league of the qualifying phase, in case of a tie between two teams this will be resolved by:
1. General golaverage.
2. Particular golaverage.
3. Number of goals in favor.
4. Younger team.
In case of a tie between more than two teams:
1. General Golaveraje.
2. Number of goals in favor.
3. Younger team.
In the final phase to resolve the possible ties that occur from the quarterfinals, runs of three penalties will be executed. If the tie persists, alternate pitches will continue until one of the two teams achieves a little more than the other.

18. Referees.

All matches will be directed and assigned by the Football Referees Committee of the Balearic Islands (CAFIB). The referee will be the highest authority in the field of play, will have the power to suspend the game in case of seeing any negative attitude in the behavior of the team.

19. Claims.

Claims will be delivered by the team delegate in writing with the claim fee paying € 30 in a maximum time of 45 'after the end of the game. No claim will be accepted after that time. If the claim is resolved in favor of the claimant, the fee will be refunded.

Observations: Claims for disagreement of the arbitration will not be accepted.

20. Competition Committee.

Claims will be processed by the Competition Committee. Your written resolutions can not be appealed or changed, all participants are obliged to respect this regulation. The claims will be studied by NADRI sporting events by a representation of:
General responsible for the event
Sports director of the organization
Arbitration representative
Headquarters Coordinator
Judge of the table

The Committee reserves the right to any type of modification (regulations, schedules, program of matches, playing fields ...) during the tournament. The information of the changes will be notified to the person in charge of the team.

21. Better goalkeeper, player and coach.

The organization will be governed by the following criteria:
Best goalkeeper:
Official Jury of Copa Mallorca "Association of Goalkeepers Pablo Roca"
Best player:
Jury: FIFA Agent and Competition Committee
Better trainer
Jury: FIFA Agent and Competition Committee

22. Trophies.

The teams will compete the following trophies:
• Champion, runner-up
• Best tournament player
• Best tournament goalie
• Best coach

23. Opening ceremony.

One responsible of the club must attend the presentation, wearing their official club kit.

24. Responsibilities.

The club, at the time of requesting their registration, states that their players are up to date with the medical and physical examinations to compete in the event. The organization declines and is exempt from any responsibility for the damages that the participants may suffer or cause during themselves and third parties during and after the competition.

25. Regulatory interpretation.

For any circumstance not foreseen in these regulatory rules, or others that may arise during the development of the competition, what will be determined in each case by the regulations of FIFA, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the Balearic Federation of Football (FFIB).



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