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Sa Pobla Town Hall

escudo sa pobla2

Located in the interior of the North Zone of Mallorca, about 10 kilometers from the beach, we find sa Pobla, an eminently agrarian town with strong roots in Mallorcan traditions.

Its fertile farmland (mainly dedicated to the export of potatoes) with the typical Mallorcan water mills and the Serra de Tramuntana in the background usually leave the tourists who walk along its roads at dusk speechless, being one of the most typical postcards of the island.

Sa Pobla, cradle of artists, also has a wide cultural offer that translates into one of the most ingrained and visited patron saint festivities of the island (Sant Antoni), a magnificent jazz festival, several museums, or the different gastronomic exhibitions that They are made throughout the year, not in vain, the town is recognized throughout the island for its traditional Mallorcan cuisine (always with a spicy point).

All this is usually celebrated in its beautiful square, a space with a lot of life where you can enjoy the great atmosphere of the town.


sitios interes sa pobla en
sitios interes sa pobla en
ayto sa pobla
escudo sa pobla2
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Address: Plaza Constitucion, nº 1

Community: Islas Baleares

Population: Sa Pobla

Postal code: 07420

Web page: www.ajsapobla.net

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