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Can Picafort Town Hall

escudo can picafort

Can Picafort is part of the municipality of Santa Margalida. This municipality has three population centers: Santa Margalida, Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina.

Can Picafort began its history as a small fishing village and in a few years it has become a tourist town with a great hotel offer. Its beautiful beaches with the best services and its impressive historical heritage make it an ideal destination for thousands of visitors every year.

The town is ideal for those who seek to combine their vacations with a very attractive sports and / or cultural offer. In the sport it has good facilities for the practice of multiple disciplines and different outdoor spaces for the practice of sports such as Nordic Walking, sailing, running ... While in the cultural aspect stand out the public estate of Son Real, the talayots and a great Phoenician necropolis.

Santa Margarita, the capital of the municipality, is located about 9 kilometers from the coast. Located on the top of a hill, it stands out due to its undoubted traditional and cultural accent, as well as being a cradle of characters that have had a great influence on history. It is the case of the philosopher, writer and professor of Cambridge Joan Mascaró i Fornés (translator of Bhagavad Gita from Sanskrit to English and introducer of the Beatles or the Eastern culture) or the businessman, politician, smuggler and spy Juan March, who played a role fundamental as much in the Spanish civil war as in World War II. In addition, painters and artists of the size of the composer John Barry (BSO James Bond, Memories of Africa, Dancing with wolves, Peggy Sue married, Chaplin ...) made the city its source of inspiration.

Son Serra de Marina, one of the few enclaves of the Balearic coast that has not succumbed to the charms of tourism. No hotels, no souvenirs, no sun loungers. Son Serra is pure air, clean beaches, surfers and sportsmen, families enjoying nature, ... a beautiful coast town with a special atmosphere. In Son Serra you can perform different activities aimed at relaxation (enjoy any of its beaches (one of them nudist), walk along the lake, yoga, a bike tour, visit the archeological remains of the area, ...) or aquatic activities such as surfing, paddle surfing or sailing.


ayto can picafort
escudo can picafort
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Address: Plaza Enginyer Gabriel Roca, 6

Community: Islas Baleares

Population: Santa Margalida

Postal code: 07450

Web page: www.ajsantamargalida.net

ayto can picafort



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